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Blue Ocean
200ml/Bottle 500ml/Bottle
Product parameters Specification: 500ml/ bottle Application technology: used in green ai patent cold expanding atomization technology or other forms of atomization technology
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Product introduction

Never satisfied with the status quo, dare to pursue and challenge more intense stimulation, exudes the smell of hedonism, intoxicating,  give people the power to go all out to overturn the shock. 

Top notes: orange, pink pepper  


Medium: Heliotrope, violet, lilac  


After: patchouli, amber 

Recommended application areas:  


◎ Brand clothing store, luxury store, gold jewelry store  

KTV night club, entertainment club, bar, foot bath club  

◎ Office building, airport VIP lounge, high-end property, sales center, villa area, bank hall, wedding studio, cinema line  

◎ Health and fitness center, beauty SPA, plastic surgery hospital