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Longshi Taihu Green County

Lang poem group was founded in 2001, is currently China's real estate enterprises, is China's green real estate development and operation of science and technology enterprise, lang poem group long-term differentiation development strategy implementation of green technology, the current main business for the residential real estate development, and is actively developing green endowment, green building technology, green financial services and other new business. By the end of May 2013, the total assets of the Group are more than 15 billion YUAN.

Landse Real Estate chooses Green Love as the fragrance supplier, not only because of the majority of green love's successful cases, but also because green love is the manufacturer of incense machine, with a number of national patented technologies, German seiko technology and rigorous wind of German manufacturing industry.

Lanse Real Estate chose green Love Hotel fragrant series LK2000 large space fragrant equipment to provide fragrance service for the sales office. Although the sales office is large, one Green love LK2000 can completely cover the area, with fast fragrance spreading speed and uniform effect, and the fragrance effect can be well achieved without grafting central air conditioning and fresh air system