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Licao Group (Hong Kong) Co., LTD., founded in 1989, is a large comprehensive real estate company with strong strength. Its member enterprises include licao (China) Real estate, Fujian Licao Real Estate, Jiangxi Licao Real Estate, Tianjin Licao Real Estate, Shandong Licao Real Estate, Hefei Licao real Estate and more than 20 companies. Our products involve ordinary residential, office building, high-rise apartment, five-star hotel, comprehensive commercial and other formats.

In this era of fragrance, if there is no fragrance in the sales office of your real estate are embarrassed to say, Licao real Estate has been committed to give customers a unique viewing and buying experience,

Green Love provides hotel incense adding services for licao real Estate properties. The sales hall of Licao Real Estate is equipped with Green LOVE GAT200 incense cube. The incense adding machine is easy to install and fast to spread incense, which is a favorite product of high-end places

Customer negotiation area using AM230 essential oil perfume machine, the effect and fragrance are not only recognized by the staff, and even come to buy a house customers are very recognized, they said that after home decoration, also want to buy a set of Green love home incense machine.