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China Resources Land Limited

China Resources was founded in 1938 as an underground transportation station in Hong Kong for the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. In 1948, it was reorganized and renamed China Resources Corporation. In 1952, the subordinate relationship changed from the General Office of the CPC Central Committee to the Central Ministry of Trade (now the Ministry of Commerce). 1983 China Resources (Group) Co., LTD. In December 1999, it was decoupled from the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation and put under the central administration. In 2003, it was a central enterprise under the leadership of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Its main businesses include consumer goods manufacturing and distribution, real estate and related industries, infrastructure and utilities. It has 20 tier 1 profit centers and 5 listed companies in Hong Kong: China Resources Gas (HK1193), China Resources Venture (HK291), China Resources Power (HK836), China Resources Land (HK1109), and China Resources Cement (HK1313). On July 8, 2013, Fortune magazine released the list of the World's top 500, and China Resources Group ranked 187th, entering the top 200 for the first time, ranking up 46 places. In 2014, China Resources Group ranked 143rd in the latest list of the World's top 500, up 44 places.

In the sales office of the new property, China Resources Land has chosen the Green love perfuming machine to provide unique perfuming service for the owners who come to choose a new home.

China Resources Land chose Green LOVE LK2000 incense machine