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Gemdale was founded in 1988 and started its real estate business in 1993. In April 2001, Gemdale (Group) Co., Ltd. was officially listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange. Gemdale group adheres to the enterprise spirit of "Working hard, being honest", "people-oriented, innovation as the soul", and gradually forms the core competitive advantage of real estate development business. After ten years of exploration and practice, it has developed into a listed company with real estate development as its main business. It is also the AAA enterprise credit rating unit of China construction System and the national first-class qualification unit of real estate development enterprise.

Gemdale real estate sales office to install the use of aromatherapy system for the purchase of real estate customers to provide fragrance services. Fragrance marketing is playing an increasingly important role in daily life

The model room uses Green ai incense adding equipment incense cube GAT200