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Greenland Xuhui City

Greenland Xuhui City, the project is located in Hangzhou Binjiang Olympic Sports and Expo City, the intersection of Qijia Road and Binsheng Road, east to Qijia Road, south to Binsheng Road, west to Binsheng Road, north to Olympic Road. The building is 150 meters high, facing qianjiang New Town. Greenland Xuhui City plans 7 super high-rise elite apartments and 1 renovated serviced apartment, with a total area of more than 350,000 square meters and a unit area of 90-260 square meters.

Greenland Xuhui City is located in the core plate of The Olympic Sports, in Hangzhou is a high-end real estate representative, at present in many domestic real estate are using international fragrance, how can Greenland Xuhui City fall? First, the strength and after-sales service of green Love manufacturers; second, all the equipment can be controlled by WiFi smart APP; third, the fragrance of international fragrance comes from the hands of internationally renowned perfumers from France, Belgium, Taiwan and other countries.

Xuhui City sales center uses green AI AM230 cylinder directly placed intelligent incense expander.

The sample room also uses green ai AM230 cylindrical incense expander.