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Pearl River • Lihao

Guangzhou Pearl River Industrial Development Co., LTD. (referred to as "Pearl River Industrial") is one of the earliest real estate comprehensive development enterprises in Guangzhou. The registered capital of the company is 18,739,400 yuan. Its business scope is land development, construction, sales and leasing of commercial housing. Industrial investment, property management; To undertake community construction planning and handle demolition, construction application, engineering consultation and self-use surplus building property exhibition and sales; Vehicle custody; Wholesale and retail trade.

The lobby of pearl River • Lihao sales office uses GREEN Love perfume machine LK2000 fragrance system, which is easy to install and can quickly expand the fragrance without using any equipment to achieve fragrance effect

The VIP room of Pearl River • Lihao uses THE AM230 cylinder perfuming machine of Green Love perfuming system series, which is made of aviation aluminum with minimal noise and can be changed at will