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Mission Hills Golf Resort

Mission Hills Golf Mansion project is located in The Core area of Jingkai, located in Wuhan Economic Development Zone, Taizi Hubei Road, directly opposite the East Golf International Course, north of the city's rapid loop - three ring road, south of the East golf. The planned 300,000 square meters of Green Living Residence is enclosed by 13 34-storey high-rise buildings. The plot ratio of the residential area is only 3.7, the greening rate is 35%, the building density is 22%, the product line is rich, and the overall layout is fresh and magnificent.

Golf mansion in order to better highlight the brand and real estate quality. Choose green Love hotel incense adding system LK100 ceiling space Overlord incense expanding machine. Although the area of golf mansion is larger than the ceiling incense expanding machine, LK100 is installed in the way of distribution, so that the effect of fragrance in the whole building can reach the best