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Markamei Bay

Markor Group is headquartered in Urumqi, capital of Xinjiang, with total assets of 4.5 billion yuan. The group consists of three industries: furniture manufacturing, furniture retail and chemical industry. It has more than ten enterprises including listed markor International Furniture Co., LTD., Markor Meijia Furniture Chain Co., LTD., Xinjiang Markor Chemical Co., LTD.

Jiamei Bay real estate sales office uses Green Love hotel fragrance series product LK2000 to provide fragrance service for the owners who come to purchase.

Jiamei Bay is a subsidiary of Markor Group. This fragrance marketing and the satisfaction of the effect make both parties further cooperate in various fields of fragrance aromatherapy in the future

Markor Furniture store is also a benchmark in the industry, the two sides will carry out further cooperation in fragrance marketing and fragrance customization in stores