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Zhuhai enduring as the universe wedding photography, in zhuhai wedding photography industry has more than 10 years of glorious history. Over the years, has been to "create wedding photography" as the goal, adhere to the front end of wedding photography fashion, constantly introduce the latest photography technology and advanced concepts, sincere and enthusiastic to provide photography services for the new, welcomed by the majority of customers. From 2005 to now, in just a few years, Chang Chang made three amazing moves: Upgrade flagship store in China, from 2005 to 2010 to expand the asia-pacific photography base "love" and get a New Yuanming Palace sole option, to denounce is gigantic endowment belongs to the new building in zhuhai today "photography hall", aims at providing a bead of Macao and the pearl river delta region to provide new people more personal customised, more considerate considerate, more costly personality wedding photography services. Born king style, only the enduring as the universe commitment, to achieve! I believe that this is to win the majority of new people adhere to the source of trust!

The hall on the first floor of evergreen wedding photography company uses GAT200 aromatherapy cube of Green love fragrance system series to provide fragrance service for the newlyweds and customers who come to the store to choose wedding dresses

The stability of green ai incense machine and the purity of essential oil fragrance is everlasting the most important two sides reached the cooperation intention at the first contact