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Beauty ji wedding photography

BEAUTY, young/fashionable/delicate/simple &BEAUTY, I love this kind of wedding photos! Beauty ji yearns for all the beauty and quality, the pursuit of fashion lifestyle, but also need real self-expression! For the pursuit of personality of the new market, wedding photos is not only a perfect collision of fashion and wedding dress, but also a harmonious combination of beauty and fashion! Beauty ji fashion dress collocation, aesthetic feeling of delicate portrayal, emotional delicate expression, a new style of photography from now on, fashion wedding and you zero distance!

Beauty ji wedding photography the pursuit of fashion and beauty at the same time also always maintain consistent quality, this and green love is the same purpose.

Meiji chooses Green love fragrance system LK100 fragrance machine to provide fragrance service for the exhibition hall, creating unique fragrance symbols belonging to Meiji, so that the new people will feel the fashionable personality of Meiji as soon as they enter the door, and also let them remember Meiji.

Green Love not only provides perfuming machine but also accepts custom perfuming marketing and other fields.

LK100 is installed in the exhibition hall. LK100 is convenient to install, small fuel consumption, and has a wide range of fragrance expansion, which is loved by the majority of stores