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Golden lady wedding photography group - focus on wedding photography for 26 years, chain stores throughout the country 27 provinces and cities, is China's wedding photography ten outstanding enterprises, the United States PPA certification international famous photography institutions. Mrs. King - Fulfill the beautiful dream of wedding photography! "

In order to provide the new people with a different selection environment and green love cooperation, the use of Green love GAT200 incense cube incense machine, to provide customers with fragrance services.

Green AI GAT200 aromatherapy cube can meet 200 square area of incense expansion. Easy to install, placed directly, no need to graft any equipment, with its own fan can quickly spread incense.

The equipment of Green Ai is simple and easy to operate, the quality of essential oil is pure, the fragrance is pleasant, and it has a number of national patent technology and enterprise awards, which are the important factors for Mrs. Jin to choose Green Ai.