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Lily New Year wedding photography

Today, people are certainly familiar with the "lily bride". But what was Lily Bride like when it opened? It occupies a small 50-square-meter facade opposite hangzhou Pacific Cinema, with only two and a half photographers and a few staff. This is all that Dong xueyi has spent all her family's savings and borrowed money from other places.

In 1992, the little-known Dong Xueyi won the national wedding photography competition. Caused the attention of the portrait photography industry, finally another female photographer to stand out. For a time, the name of Dong Xueyi appeared in the industry rate is very high, there was a "small Yin Mengzhen". In 2003, Ms. Dong Xueyi, the founder, was appointed as the vice president of Hangzhou Photography Association. Ms. Dong xueyi's works have been published by many professional magazines, that year was rated as "Chinese portrait top ten", is known as the industry "photography four dragons" one. Ms. Dong Xueyi was a female photographer who enjoyed this honor. [1] Since then, he has won the Silver and bronze Awards in the National Photography Competition for many times. National silver Award for "Wedding Dress, Art and Children" Photography; First Prize of National makeup and styling; Hangzhou Senior photography technician; Famous photographer in Hangzhou; Hangzhou photography master and other honorary titles

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